Cemetery Granite Headstones

Searching for a Top-Grade Granite Headstone or Grave Marker? We Can Help!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect granite headstone, grave marker, sign, or memorial bench, then look no further. Schott Monument Company, a family-owned and operated business since 1917, offers the highest quality monuments possible at a price anyone can afford. Our service, quality, and craftsmanship are among the best in the business. And we back every purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you’re looking for a granite headstone in Cincinnati, OH, Atlanta, GA, or anywhere else in the continental USA, Schott Monument Company can help.


We Offer a Wide Range of Monument Options and ship to most States in the Continental U.S.



Single Granite Monuments and Headstones

Starting at $649

Picture of Single Granite Headstone



Companion Granite Monument and Headstones

Starting at $749

Picture of Companion or Dual Granite Headstone




Single & Double Granite Grave Markers

Starting at $300

Picture of Single Granite Grave Marker


Single Bronze Grave Markers

Starting at $1,199

Picture of single bronze grave marker




Companion Bronze Grave Markers

Starting at $1,499

Picture of companion bronze grave marker



Granite Single Slant Markers

Starting at $449

Picture of granite single slant grave marker



Granite Companion Slant Markers

Starting at $599

Picture of granite companion or dual slant grave marker



Custom Granite Signs
(Call 404-556-5100 For Pricing)



Why Choose Schott Monument Company?

Whether it be a simple monument design or complex custom stones, experts at SMC will guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on being fast, reliable, efficient and affordable. We understand how much your loved one(s) meant to you so we treat each design as if it were for a member of our own family.

Simplicity, Quality, & Complete Customization

With Schott Monument Company, ordering a granite headstone or other monument has never been simpler. We take the hassle and frustration out of designing and ordering custom-made monuments without sacrificing quality.

We’re Here When You Need Us, No Matter What

We understand the pain of losing a loved one. And that’s why we don’t rely on the high-pressure sales techniques used by many funeral homes and monument dealers. Instead, we strive to offer a friendly alternative that puts the focus back on you and your loved ones.

Our staff will be there when you need us!