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When honoring a lost loved one, you want to make sure that their monument is commensurate with their life. A bronze grave marker is a great option if you’re looking for a monument that will beautifully memorialize your loved one while standing the test of time. It’s a great option to consider when looking for grave markers.

No matter which marker you choose, the Schott Monument Company will work with you to create a marker that truly represents your loved one.

Bronze grave markers offer a number of benefits. They give you a freedom of design that you simply won’t find with other materials. We can include any design, text, or graphic in bronze using our state-of-the-art technology. And we have a virtually endless number of options for our bronze grave markers.

Pricing starts at $1,199 for Standard Lettering & Design

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Let Schott Monument Company design a custom bronze grave marker for your loved one!

Schott Monument Company is a Cincinnati, OH-based company that’s been family-owned and operated since 1917. But we don’t just service the Cincinnati area. We’ve spent the past century delivering high-quality bronze headstones and more to Dayton, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and across the continental United States.

Our customers regard our service, quality and craftsmanship as among the best in the business. And we’re so confident in our work that we’re happy to back our product with a satisfaction guarantee.

So, we are pleased to allow our customers to design and order a lasting memorial at their own pace. This is a welcome alternative to the high pressure sales tactics used by many funeral homes and monument dealers.

Order Your Bronze Grave Marker Today by Calling 404-556-5100 or E-mailing!