gallery1Personalized Service

We are pleased to offer examples of our designs through the internet. However, the staff at Schott Monument Company are never more than a phone call away. After we discuss your needs, we will create a Computer-Aided Design of your headstone based upon your specifications and send it to you for approval before any stone is ever cut. This will ensure that your order will be to your exact specifications. The process is easy and it is our pleasure to help at every turn.

Customization, Quality, and Personalized Service

We understand that you are in need of a quality headstone for the special person it will be used to memorialize. We take pride in our ability to help you design the perfect piece using only the highest quality materials, such as granite and bronze. Schott Monument Company understands family, love, and self-expression. Allow us to help you create a memorial that celebrates the unique life of your loved one and keeps their memory alive forever.


Why Not Use a Local Monument Dealer?

We take great pride in making sure that each of our clients gets personal service and the exact monument they want –and in only the highest quality materials. Why limit your choices to the same mass-produced monuments that have been available for years? We can help you create a special piece that is truly unique.


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